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Hi there,

I’m Jochen Ade, a freelancer based in Berlin. My entire professional career has been spent working on websites, mobile services, and applications.
My background is in product management. I have extensive experience in product development, UX design, and web development from both permanent and consulting positions in Germany and the UK.
I specialize in using no-code tools to develop prototypes, minimum viable products, websites and apps. These tools simplify the implementation process, allow easier collaboration and reduce experimentation costs.
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I can help with your website or digital product at every stage of the process.

I support product discovery activities for early stage products. These activities are focused on testing ideas and discovering value propositions. 

Before writing code or creating detailed designs, we should begin with the most basic question: what is the product trying to accomplish? 

During the discovery phase, I provide support for activities to create strategies, test ideas, and build personas and scenarios. Additionally, I support product design activities to explore how the product will behave, e.g. through storyboards.
Whether it is a simple sketch or a fully functional solution that bears a close resemblance to the final product, prototyping comes in all shapes and sizes.

 In any case, its main role is always the same - to test your ideas and introduce some improvements before launching the product.

When you create a visual representation of your idea, you can see how it works and what needs to be improved before you build the final, market-ready version.
Prototyping is an excellent method of testing your idea or solution and getting valuable feedback from real users.
A website, web app or mobile app, I can develop the solution that meets your needs. 

I create engaging digital experiences using modern technologies and standards. My process is streamlined by using frameworks and tools that are best suited. 

I specialise in a range of no-code tools such as:
- Figma for design
- Webflow or WP Oxygen Builder for websites
- Bubble.io for prototypes and web apps
- AppGyver for mobile apps

According to your needs, I select the toolset that provides the best fit. It can also be supplemented with custom coding wherever necessary.

My projects have included big names, small start-ups and non profit organisations.

Image Showcase SpringerNature

Science publisher website

SpringerNature needed a website to provide a full overview of its publishing activities, as well as an entry point for authors and institutions.
In my role as product owner, I collaborated with stakeholders across Europe and Asia to deliver a website in multiple languages.
The website was implemented on the company's content management system by a dedicated team of developers.

Editorial system prototype

German news agency dpa had to replace the core system it uses to create all its content. In creating news content, editors need to capture a variety of metadata and assign tasks to different participants. In collaboration with internal subject matter experts and users, I created wireframes and prototypes to visualise the complex user interface.
podojo screenshot

Product coaching website

To improve the presentation of their coaching services and trainings, Podojo needed to relaunch their website. A new platform was used for the site which used the framework's built-in functionality coupled with custom CSS and Javascript code. The revamped website simplifies the registration process for trainings and is easy to maintain.

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